Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Royal Highland Show

Edinburgh; the city of history and romance, of excitement and year-round entertainment.  If you are considering coming for a weekend break, Edinburgh has a range of festivals and events to suit every taste.  Throughout the year Edinburgh is a source of romance, entertainment and joy and visiting us at any time of year is a treat that no one will ever look back on with anything other than wonderful memories.

Highland Cow in Field
Image Credit: Creative Commons

A touch of Royalty

With summer well and truly arrived the City is filled with anticipation and excitement about the upcoming start of the Royal Highland Show, this year taking part on the long weekend of 19th- 22nd June. The Royal Highland Show—as it is known now—began in 1822 and was, in those days, a nomadic show which travelled between various cities in each year. Only in 1959 did it finally become static in Edinburgh, putting down roots as the Royal Highland Show, after it was bestowed the title in 1948 by King George VI.  Some of the main attractions of the Royal Highland Show are the Livestock shows, where people exhibit their cattle, sheep, ponies, horses, goats and many other breeds, hoping to win prizes.  There is also the Rural and Agricultural part of the show where visitors can view the huge variety of machines used in the farming world. There are equine supplies, sporting goods for outdoor sports, apparel and so much more. The weekend—Thursday through Sunday—is a plethora of exhibitions, food, music, children’s events, entertainment and so much more to entice all visitors.

An Event for all Seasons

If you intend to visit for the entire Royal Highland Show you will probably want to book a weekend break in Edinburgh, starting from the Wednesday night, through to the Sunday night or Monday morning.  One of the best places to stay is the Dunstane Hotel; right at the centre of all the action! Our boutique hotel is stylish, classy and offers spring breaks from as little as £75 per night. Even if you are not staying just for the Royal Highland Show, but want to extend your stay for shopping, golfing or rugby breaks, you can arrange your stay there. How about a romantic weekend in Edinburgh to celebrate a milestone anniversary? You can spend the night in a period four-poster with room service and breakfast in bed. Give us a call today and book your room for a weekend to remember.

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