Thursday, 7 August 2014

Keep Quiet About Christmas

Time to Celebrate.

christmas baubles with colours, the dunstane hotel in edinburgh

We at The Dunstane love to celebrate Christmas in style…oh, wait….right, it is still the middle of summer. Perhaps we should not tell you about our special hotel offer yet, where you get a chance to spend two or three nights with us—starting at a mere £280 per person—and stay with us over Christmas. Maybe we should keep ‘mum’ about the fact that you can join us for the start of Christmas on Wednesday 24th December, starting with a lovely glass of Scottish Mulled Wine to warm those cockles.

Of course, right now, because it is the middle of summer, and you are out there basking in the heat, you cannot imagine it ever getting cold again, but wait, there's more…Yes, winter will be here and along with it, Christmas. However, if we do not tell you about our special offers, we would be very remiss, given that you can book early and get your rooms sorted out right now. You could miss out on so much over the Christmas period.

So, keep it under your Hat

We definitely can't mention that our Christmas menu is peppered—pardon the pun—with some of the tastiest food you will eat, this side of the Highlands. These dishes include Fresh Scottish Salmon from the Isle of Arran, Duck breast with cabbage and port jus, and traditional Christmas pudding for dessert. We definitely and absolutely can't tell you about that because it would probably make you want to get on the phone and start booking while at the same time hoping winter would show up a little earlier this year.

So, we absolutely won't tell you that you can have an alternate to Christmas pudding if that is not your thing. We have a delectable dark chocolate torte and cherry compote instead for chocolate lovers. Moreover, we absolutely refuse to divulge that you can finish your meal with an excellent cup of freshly brewed coffee and petit fours. Nope, we are not saying a word. Our lips are sealed. Be sure to call our sales team at The Dunstane on 0131 337 6169 to book your place now – spaces filling fast!

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