Monday, 30 June 2014

Scotland Welcomes the Ryder Cup Back

Every time the Ryder Cup, or any other golf tournament comes to Scotland, there is cause for extra celebration. Scotland is the home of golf; it is a strong contender for being our national game and we love it accordingly.  This year Paul McGinley is bringing it home with the rest of the European Team to Gleneagles and here at The Dunstane we are rolling up the proverbial—and actual—sleeves and getting ready for it.

Bringing it all back home

Gleneagles is one of the many world famous golf courses in Scotland and this year they are proudly hosting the USA and Europeans as they enter into the battle of the continents—the Europeans trying to retain and the USA trying to win the Ryder Cup back. Gleneagles last played host back in 1973, so it should be a gripping three days and we are looking forward to it tremendously.

Even though the teams are undecided as yet, simply because it mostly depends on ranking, Paul McGinley is rumoured to be choosing three wild cards this year and we are eager to find out all the chosen players. We, at The Dunstane, will be right at the centre of the action and we will be screening the matches on TV for all to see, while we cheer on the Europeans.

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How the Ryder Cup Works

If you are unfamiliar with the way the tournament goes, we can let you have a little background information. Day One is the opening Friday and it starts with four ‘foursome’ matches. These are ‘alternate shot’ matches, rather like a relay race. This is followed by the four ‘fourball’ matches whereby the better ball is the one that is played on the next shot.

Day Two is the four foursome matches, followed by four fourballs again and then on day three—Sunday and the final day—there are 12 singles matches. The winner is determined by the points system. There are 28 available and the winning team will hold 14 ½ of them. The last day often determines the final outcome because the first two days tend to be extra close, so it should be total nail biter. Get ready to hit the edge of your seats with this one!

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