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The Dunstane - Meet our Head Housekeeper - Laura Taylor

Another instalment of - MEET THE…..Head Housekeeper – Laura Taylor
Photo of Laura

Hi Laura, so you have been at The Dunstane for over 8 years now…. Tell us….

1. You have covered so many different areas of the hotel and learned so many different roles….what do you like the most?

I have enjoyed all my roles at The Dunstane, all of them are different but I love the guest interaction you get when working in the bar and restaurant. I do like helping out when I can in any department as I learn more about the hotel that way. But definitely my favourite department is my own as I am very passionate about maintaining the high standards of cleanliness throughout the hotel that we are well known for! The rooms are my babies! I have a great team too that also makes my job easier.

2. Did you like the guest interaction in your role at the Townhouse?

The interaction with the guests was definitely the best part of working a the Townhouse. Finding out about our guests and what they were doing her in Edinburgh - especially getting to know the regulars was great. I always had a story or two to tell them myself and I now have a long list of place son my list to visit as a result of their recommendations.

3. You briefly did Revive at the Dunstane, tell us about that. Was it a rewarding experience?

I am also a trained beauty therapist and I love working at the Dunstane so I thought it would be a great idea to combine the two roles! I transformed one of the bedrooms into a beauty therapy room for guests and outside clients. Although in the end it didn't work out at the time it was rewarding I am an so glad I had the opportunity to try it.

4. What is your favourite memory in the hotel?

My favourite memories from the Dunstane have to be the Christmas staff parties! Everyone who knows me knows I get a little excited as each one gets close. I have been to 9 parties now and every one has been so much fun! All staff here get on so well which makes them so much better. I think if I ever leave The Dunstane I will keep coming to the parties!!

Deluxe Double 108 gold and red theme
5. What is your favourite room in the hotel?

My favourite room has to be room 108 the deluxe double room in the main building. Especially after the refurb - the colour scheme is just so me!

6. Do you prefer the Townhouse or the main building?

I love them both! they are both so different in style, but I would have to say probably the main building as that is where I started all those years ago!

7. What’s the funniest things that’s ever happened to you in Housekeeping at Dunstane?

Has to be when a young couple were staying for their honeymoon - they were obviously in high spirits and decided to play a practical joke. They went out for the day and left a plastic poo in the middle of the bathroom floor. One of the housekeepers came to get me armed with rubber gloves and bags etc and was absolutely mortified. you should have seen her face when she went to pick it up and realised it wasn't real!!

8. If you could make one change to the hotel, what would it be?

Laura and her dog playingA lift! Although I actually don't think I would be as fit as I am now! I have always said I would love to have a conservatory built on to the front of the hotel for the guests to enjoy a glass of wine or two as well. If I had to pick though I would love a god run built somewhere so my dog could come to work with me and I would never be away from the hotel!

9. What is your Housekeeping worst nightmare?

Definitely running out of laundry when we have a full hotel and lots of arrivals! I have never made beds so fast in my life!

10. Describe your perfect day in Edinburgh.

My perfect day in Edinburgh would have to be a nice hot sunny day in August during the Edinburgh Festival. It would start with a walk down to the Royal Yacht Britannia and afterwards I would find a little restaurant with tables outside for a bite to eat and a nice chilled glass of wine. then a stroll up to the Royal Mile to soak up the festival atmosphere and see some street entertainers. Then in the evening maybe a show or two!!

Thanks Laura - its good to see a bit of Dunstane behind the scenes! We really appreciate all your hard work - it wouldn't be the same without you and I am sure our guests agree!

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