Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Meet the.....Duty Manager - Caroline Lowe

CarolineAnother installment of meet our team! It's the turn of Caroline Lowe - one of The Dunstane's new Duty Managers.

1. In your role Caroline you cover most areas of the Hotel - What do you like the most?

I enjoy being at the front of house, dealing with guests and the general operations of the hotel. Now that I am more confident within my role and reservations I am really enjoying it and I am exciting to keep progressing and hopefully get even more involved with The Dunstane!

2. Do you like the guest interaction in your role at reception?

Do you even have to ask! I love talking to our guests and getting to know about them and what they are expecting from us as a Hotel. It is very rewarding knowing that you are fulfilling their expectations and adding to their experiences.
The Blue Room
3. What is your favourite room in the Dunstane?

It is so difficult to choose but I would probably have to say room 120! Although I do like 121 and 108 also! they are beautiful!

The Red Room

4. You are over here from Zimbabwe - that must be quite a change for you! How does working in the UK differ from your hotel in Zim?

It is another world here! Working in the UK is very different to working in Zim. The daily operations are differed as you are faced with different challenges in Zim such as power failures - it is so great not having to worry about generators! 

My role at my previous job did have many similarities to my current one. I have always been front of house and I was reservations manager a the lodge in Zimbabwe - that is why I am enjoying learning more and more with the reservations for the Dunstane. 

I managed more staff in Zimbabwe as it was not as departmentalized as here, I oversaw the housekeepers, restaurant and the gardeners. 

Both business are family owned hotels and customer orientated and I much prefer the person touch of the smaller establishments to larger chain hotels.

6. If you could make one change to The Dunstane - what would it be?

This is a tough one! From the moment we came into the Dunstane to ask for contact details to send CVs to I had a good feeling about it. It is a warm and welcoming environment. I honestly don't feel there are any major changes to be made. A good hotel needs to keep progressing and evolving and I think this is done through the little things - such as specials, events and room amenities....

7. If you could bring something over from your experiences in Zim what would it be?

My family and friends and more sunshine! I think that moving to a new country and new job means new experiences and it is an exciting chapter!

8. Describe your perfect day in Edinburgh?

Definitely starting off the day with coffee from Costa or Starbucks. Then either going to Livingston for retail therapy or to the Forth Road Bridges and having a drink overlooking the water! there are so many places I still have left to visit. 

My favourite restaurant so far is Chaophraya - Thai restaurant on Castle Street (apart from Skerries of course!) so probably finishing off my day there!

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