Friday, 24 October 2014

Meet the Duty Managers! - Miguel Franceschi

It's the turn of Miguel - another one of our new Duty Managers at The Dunstane and Skerries! Hello Miguel......

1. So far in your role you mainly cover the restaurant and bar. What do you like most about your role?

I enjoy the restaurant and working together with my team to ensure that guests have a memorable dining experience with us - whether they are residents or outside guests. I am enjoying the guest interaction more and more. I am especially excited about introducing new ideas into Skerries such as my cocktail menu which will be launching before Christmas.

2. What is your favourite dish on the menu at the moment?

I would have to say the Spelt Risotto - it is simple but full of flavour and a twist on the conventional Risotto dishes.

Luxury Blue room
3. What is your favourite bedroom in the hotel?

In the main building I would have to choose room 120 our Luxury Blue room - I think it creates a very dramatic first impression for guests checking in to the hotel. In the Townhouse I love City 19 - our suite... it is so clean cut and contemporary - I wouldn't need to leave the room!
Suite bedroom

4. Do you prefer the Luxury Townhouse or the main building?

People at a functionI personally prefer the main building for its character and that is where the Restaurant is! But the Townhouse has is benefits and I do like running functions over there - such as Christenings in the Stroma Lounge etc.

5. You are over here from Zimbabwe - that must be quite a change for you! How does working in the UK differ from your work in Zim?

It certainly is a change!I have however worked in the UK before so I found it easier to adapt to that you might imagine! Going back to Zimbabwe for that 1.5 years was quite challenging as I felt very unsettled due to the economic situation. I didn't feel that staying in Zim was right for me.

6. If you could make one change to the hotel so far what would it be?

The hotel itself is beautifully finished and furnished and I don't think it needs to be changed in anyway really. however I would like to change the menus more often so our residents get a better selection of dishes if they are staying for a few nights and a few more veggie options would be great.

7. If you could bring something over from your experience in Zim what would it be?

While working in Zim, Tapas and live music became a huge trend and it was a fantastic atmosphere - maybe in the future we could look at this!

8. Describe your perfect day in Edinburgh

It is rather difficult to describe the perfect day i have had since i moved here but if I had to narrow it down, I would star my morning with a coffee in one of the many coffee shops Edinburgh has to offer - Maybe the Elephant Cafe in town where JK Rowling started Harry Potter! The head out to the Pentlands for a walk and then a braai with friends to finish off the day - maybe lastly a movie at the Dominion Cinema.

Thanks Miguel! Nice to meet you!

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