Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Dunstane - Meet the Sales & Revenue Manager!

Samantha standing in black and white

Hi Samantha, so you were with The Dunstane for almost 7 years, and now you're back! Tell me,

1. What has been your favourite position at The Dunstane?

Although I love being front of house with the guests I think my new role as Sales & Revenue Manager is my favourite so far. Its great to be able to get stuck in to the business side of things and I am learning new things every day! It is challenging and I love being able to see the results of my work on a daily basis.

2. Do you ever miss the Operations side of the hotel?

I do really miss the guest interaction although I am front of house most mornings during breakfast and check out – I just cant help myself! It great to hear all the positive feedback and suggestions from our residents - and also plug a bit of Trip Advisor on check out! It is so important to hear, and act on, the feedback from our residents.

3. Do you think your short time away from the Dunstane has given you a different outlook?

Absolutely! I am more aware of how other hotels operate and I hope I have brought some of that knowledge back with me to The Dunstane. I think it is important to keep your outlook fresh as well and a short time away has given me a new perspective and fresh ideas. It has also made me realise just how great The Dunstane is! It is such a friendly, welcoming hotel and the customer service is honestly second to none! The guys at the front are so special and make every guest’s experience unique and one to remember.

4. Is there anything that you would like to bring to The Dunstane from Yorkshire?

Rhubarb! No seriously I think Yorkshire’s larder has as much offer as Scotlands sometimes but our chefs at Skerries have it covered with the new menu launched a couple of weeks ago! I am slowly working my way through the new dishes and cant pick a favourite as yet! They are all so good! I think our guests are definately benefiting from the larger choice

5. What is your favourite memory in the hotel?
Group of Dunstane staff pre-christmas party

Oooooo that’s a hard one! There are so many! I think our two launch nights have been so memorable for me. We had one in 2008 when we launched the Townhouse and also in 2012 when we did our extensive refurbishment to the main building. They were such amazing nights with support from our local competitors and our guests too! The staff Christmas parties are also great fun! Looking forward to planning this years!

6. What is your favourite room in the hotel?

Bed and furnishings of the Red RoomThat’s easy! The Red Room – room 121 – one of our Luxury Four Poster Rooms. I was really involved in the décor and planning of this room so it has a special place in my heart! Down to the fabulous high backed easy chairs that I saw across the furniture warehouse and just had to have!!!

7. Do you prefer the townhouse or the main building?

wide angle of tables and comfy chairs in the Stroma LoungeThe main building will always have a special place in my heart because it was our first property of the two but I must say – the new Stroma Lounge at the Townhouse is certainly one of my new favourite spots in the hotel!

9. Describe your perfect day in Edinburgh.

I love the Shore area and Ocean Terminal….so I think a walk down – from The Dunstane and down the Water of Leith to reach the Shore - followed by a trip around the Royal Yacht Britannia and some relaxing drinks in one of the many fab bars down there. Ideal in the sunshine! Maybe an evening Salsa dancing to top it all off!

10. Is there anywhere else in the world you would rather be?​

Absolutely not – I tried that by moving to Yorkshire and realised that The Dunstane and Edinburgh was the place to be!

To book your room at Dunstane call us on 0131 3376169 or email our friendly team – reserve@thedunstane.co.uk

To contact Samantha directly email - sales@thedunstane.co.uk

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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