Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Dunstane - Top Edinburgh Pubs

The Dunstane - Top Edinburgh Pubs

Stane Bar At The Dunstane
The Dunstane - Top Edinburgh Pubs
With the Spring sun’s golden rays dazzling, Edinburgh’s array of excellent pubs will provide the perfect setting to truly indulge yourself. Indeed, with an abundance of unique pubs on offer, Edinburgh will treat guests to excellent food and drink for all to enjoy. The Dunstane will help you discover some of the most beautiful and best pubs in Edinburgh!

The Abbotsford has an excellent selection of beers and is renowned for its rich history and traditional design with beautiful panelled walls. Lunchtime will see business people and locals immerse themselves in a range of Scottish delights and there is also a fantastic restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food.

The Guildford Arms will treat guests to fantastic decoration with unique features and beautiful arched windows. There are beer festivals and efficient staff which will offer tastes of an excellent array of beers and other enticing delights. Additionally, there is a modern restaurant with a fantastic view of the bar for all to enjoy.

Deacon Brodies is one of Edinburgh’s most renowned and iconic pubs where guests will be able to immerse themselves in exciting hustle and bustle as well as an excellent array of beers. There is also a dining lounge where you can enjoy scrumptious food.

The Café Royal Circle Bar is an elegant pub with truly beautiful design, ensuring guests enjoy a relaxing escape in an enchanting setting. Tourists and locals enjoy fantastic food and drink at this Edinburgh pub as they indulge themselves with dazzling marble and chandeliers.

Of course, The Dunstane’s Stane Bar with its modern design and traditional features will also treat guests to an array of fantastic drinks. You will be able to relax before enjoying scrumptious food and drink at our Skerries Restaurant. Our exclusive rooms will also ensure you enjoy a stay of sheer luxury as you discover Edinburgh’s array of pubs in truly unforgettable style!  

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