Friday, 7 March 2014

The Dunstane - Top 5 Edinburgh Museums and Galleries

The Dunstane - Top 5 Edinburgh Museums and Galleries

The National Museum of Scotland
The Dunstane - Top 5 Edinburgh Museums and Galleries
Edinburgh boasts a fantastic array of museums and galleries for visitors to discover. Indeed, in a city soaked in rich culture and history, Edinburgh’s abundance of truly immersing museums and galleries offer guests from around the world a tantalising visit of enticing delights. Certainly, with such an array of exciting museums and galleries, The Dunstane will help you choose to explore some of the best.

Indeed, The National Museum of Scotland will treat guests to 16 galleries as well as a number of displays exploring science, technology and world cultures. You will be able to view an excellent collection of animals as well as history in true style. Also featuring immersing talks and workshops as well as free tours, The National Museum of Scotland is certainly one of Edinburgh’s most exciting museums.

Surgeons’ Hall Museums will allow visitors to discover an immersing array of medical history through a truly fantastic collection. With displays allowing guests to discover an array of medical and dental attractions as well as excellent art, visitors will be treated to a thrilling exploration of medical attractions.

The Scottish National Gallery offers a fantastic collection of art from Scotland and around the world for free. Featuring a number of the world’s finest artists, The Scottish National Gallery offers an array of exhibitions and displays which will immerse you in an array of beautiful art.

Additionally, The Scottish Gallery of Modern Art features an excellent display of modern art across two buildings in truly unique grounds. Visitors will be able to enjoy an array of events for guests of all ages to enjoy as well as art from the world’s best artists.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery features an array of art collections which will allow you to explore the history of Scotland in true style. Choose to discover this immersing gallery and enjoy one of the best collections of art in a truly fantastic setting.

Choose explore Edinburgh’s array of fantastic museums and galleries as you stay at one of the most luxury hotels in Edinburgh at The Dunstane. Enjoy scrumptious food and drink at our Skerries restaurant before retreating to our array of relaxing rooms. Indeed, The Dunstane will ensure you explore Edinburgh’s fantastic museums and galleries in sheer style! 

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